fair isle

Taking the title of most remote inhabited British island, Fair Isle sits half way between Shetland and Orkney on the meeting point of the Atlantic and North Sea. At just 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, it is home to a close knit community of around 60 people. The history and heritage of Fair Isle is rich and varied from archaeology to crofting; maritime history and shipwrecks; flora, fauna and diverse arts. There is much to explore and inspire.

Facilities on Fair Isle include a community hall, licensed shop and Post Office, resident nurse and taxi and car hire. In 2018 Fair Isle gained a renewable energy system, giving the island reliable 24 hour electricity for the first time. 4G network soon followed, bringing great technological benefit to the community.

Resident’s experience of Fair Isle will be vary significantly depending on the time of year. Fair Isle’s climate is mild throughout most of the year but can be hit by extremely wild weather coming off the Atlantic in winter. Due to Fair Isle’s remote location, travel can often take longer than expected. In Winter, high winds can halt travel plans and in the warmth of summer, our infamous fog can interrupt departure and arrival times. It is for these reasons we highly recommend giving yourself time either side of your trip to Fair Isle to allow for delays in getting on and off the island. We are happy to assist with travel arrangements. However, in a first instance Fair Isle website has all the information you will need to start planning your journey: https://www.fairisle.org.uk/travel.html

If you are particularly interested in a certain aspect of Fair Isle life or history we will happily support you to access the right information, or put you in contact with individuals who can. For those keen to learn more, the following are helpful sources of information to act as a starting point for research: Fair Isle website, National Trust for Scotland, Promote Shetland, Shetland Amenity Trust, Shetland Museum and Archives, Fair Isle Bird Observatory.

If Fair Isle Studio is not right for you or you are looking for a holiday rather than a creative residency, here are some other accommodation options on Fair Isle: Upper Leogh Guesthouse, South Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast and Auld Haa Guesthouse